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Commissioner Ferron Crosses the Line in Order to Not Cross “The Street”

CPUC Commissioner Ferron shocked the audience at a Commission meeting Oct. 3 by parroting PG&E’s threats on proposed San Bruno penalties, which basically boil down to “if you make us

Coming Up: San Onofre PPH and TURN’s New Office

TURN has moved! If you previously visited us at the somewhat inappropriate Standard Oil Building on Sansome Street, please note that we’re no longer located there. We’ve moved to new

PG&E using fear tactics to reduce blast penalty

Three years after the fatal San Bruno explosion, PG&E is attempting a last-minute end run around the legal process Three years after the fatal San Bruno explosion, and two years

Another View: PG&E rate plan would shift burden

If PG&E is really troubled by high electric bills, why does it keep raising rates? How touching to see the recent Viewpoints commentary by a Pacific Gas & Electric executive

Opposition Growing to SB 1161 – The Worst Telecom Bill Ever

Why has a seemingly innocuous bill, SB 1161(Padilla) attracted the support of some of the biggest corporations on the planet, as well as vociferous opposition from consumer, labor and economic

Dumbest Smart Meters Yet for SoCalGas

TURN OpEd: The dumbest smart meters yet are gas smart meters The dumbest smart meters yet—gas smart meters—are poised to ignite a new round of smart meter wars in California.

Time for New Leadership at the PUC

A year ago almost to the day, California and the entire country watched in shock and horror while giant flames severely damaged the Crestmoor neighborhood in San Bruno and the

Addressing the PG&E Smart Meter Crisis

Customer complaints about Smart Meters must be heard. TURN recommends the following steps to restore public confidence in smart meter technology. 500 Bakersfield and Fresno residents attended five-hour smart meters