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Why Black Lives Matter to TURN

Since the global surge of protests to demand police accountability and racial justice, triggered by the brutal killing of George Floyd, I have been reflecting on the meaning of the

What Will It Take for PG&E to Be Held Accountable?

Imagine a convicted felon, who, while on probation, committed the same exact crimes he’d originally been convicted of again. The judge would likely be mad, just as Judge William Alsup
TURN ED Mark Toney

Put PG&E in Receivership and Take Away Its Political Rights

A federal judge overseeing PG&E’s criminal probation should appoint a court receiver to take over PG&E’s operations. Just as an inmate loses control of decision-making while in prison, PG&E Corp.

PG&E’s Negligence, Not Its’ Bankruptcy, Is What Threatens Our Climate

Wildfires threaten not only our safety but also our climate.  This summer, much of northern California has been blanketed with an ashy haze that shrouds normally visible peaks from Mount
TURN ED Mark Toney

Legislature Should Put Consumers First, Not PG&E

Special to The SacramentoBee Is PG&E about to go bankrupt? And if it chooses to do so, how much are monthly bills going to increase? I don’t think anybody really
Eric Borden

10 Principles for an Electric Vehicle Revolution that Benefits All Consumers

As battery technology improves and car companies start to invest in a line-up of attractive electric vehicle (EV) models, many states and utilities are wondering how they can position themselves


Newly public emails show that back door channels between PG&E and the CPUC ran deeper than previously known. And involved a broader cast of characters than previously known, including controversial
Eric Borden

Why Your Electric Bill is Bulging (Hint: Don’t Blame Renewables)

Fingers are pointing in all directions. From renewables to unneeded generation to large and sometimes rural populations, the cause of California’s alarmingly high and forever increasing electric rates is finally
Eric Borden

California Electric Bills – a Tale of Two States

Over 800,000 households in California were shutoff from electric service in 2015 because they could not pay their utility bill. California residential electric rates are among the highest in the