Mark Toney

As executive director of TURN, Mark Toney sets the organization's strategic course and directs TURN's legal and political advocacy on behalf of over 37 million Californians. Before coming to TURN in January 2008 Toney ran a successful nonprofit consulting business focused on coaching executive directors and effective strategic planning. He has substantial experience in nonprofit leadership, development, fundraising and organizing.

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Mark Toney

My Letter to the CPUC: Restore Due Process on PG&E’s Safety Certificate Ruling

Commissioners, Removing the Safety Certificate Draft Resolution from the agenda at the last minute denies due process rights to ratepayers—because it means that TURN cannot file an appeal in the

Why Black Lives Matter to TURN

Since the global surge of protests to demand police accountability and racial justice, triggered by the brutal killing of George Floyd, I have been reflecting on the meaning of the
TURN ED Mark Toney

Put PG&E in Receivership and Take Away Its Political Rights

A federal judge overseeing PG&E’s criminal probation should appoint a court receiver to take over PG&E’s operations. Just as an inmate loses control of decision-making while in prison, PG&E Corp.
TURN ED Mark Toney

Legislature Should Put Consumers First, Not PG&E

Special to The SacramentoBee Is PG&E about to go bankrupt? And if it chooses to do so, how much are monthly bills going to increase? I don’t think anybody really
TURN ED Mark Toney

Operating under influence of profits

OpEd by Mark Toney, TURN executive director, Manteca Bulletin Nov. 12, 2014        What happens to a person when their reckless driving while under the influence alcohol kills eight
TURN ED Mark Toney

Smoking Guns in PG&E E-Mails Point to CPUC’s Mike Peevey

  by Mark Toney, executive director, TURN In PG&E’s new disclosures on October 6, 2014, the public now has smoking gun evidence of CPUC President Mike Peevey’s corruption. An E-mail
TURN ED Mark Toney

Indicted PG&E Can Be Held Accoutable

by Mark Toney, Published in San Jose Mercury News July 31– If PG&E put the same level of commitment into public safety as it does into saturating the airwaves, billboards,

‘Chronic’ Copper Customers, Beware: Op Ed in Long Beach Press Telegram

If you’ve called Verizon recently about a problem with your landline phone service, you may be labeled a “chronic” customer. By that Verizon means a chronic complainer. It takes just
TURN ED Mark Toney

Will FCC Chair Tom Wheeler Keep the Promises He Made in Oakland?

by Mindy Spatt, TURN Communications Director   President Obama’s appointment of Tom Wheeler to chair the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) naturally sparked concern from customer groups.   Although widely respected,
TURN ED Mark Toney

Building a LifeLine to the Future

California is poised to modernize its LifeLine program and demand accountability from phone companies for the subsidies they receive. The LifeLine program has historically offered income eligible customers a landline

Three Wins for David Against Telecom Goliaths!

Thanks to your letters, phone calls, testimony and support, consumers throughout California are celebrating the end of the 2013 legislative season with not one, not two, but three major wins