Mark Toney

As executive director of TURN, Mark Toney sets the organization's strategic course and directs TURN's legal and political advocacy on behalf of over 37 million Californians. Before coming to TURN in January 2008 Toney ran a successful nonprofit consulting business focused on coaching executive directors and effective strategic planning. He has substantial experience in nonprofit leadership, development, fundraising and organizing.

Mark Toney's Blog Posts

Why Black Lives Matter to TURN

Since the global surge of protests to demand police accountability and racial justice, triggered by the brutal killing of George Floyd, I have been reflecting on the meaning of the
TURN ED Mark Toney

Operating under influence of profits

OpEd by Mark Toney, TURN executive director, Manteca Bulletin Nov. 12, 2014        What happens to a person when their reckless driving while under the influence alcohol kills eight
TURN ED Mark Toney

Indicted PG&E Can Be Held Accoutable

by Mark Toney, Published in San Jose Mercury News July 31– If PG&E put the same level of commitment into public safety as it does into saturating the airwaves, billboards,
TURN ED Mark Toney

Building a LifeLine to the Future

California is poised to modernize its LifeLine program and demand accountability from phone companies for the subsidies they receive. The LifeLine program has historically offered income eligible customers a landline