AT&T is Holding Customers Hostage & Robbing Them Blind

Is AT&T holding you hostage and robbing you blind?

AT&T customers recently received an unwelcome New Year’s missive from their phone company, announcing that rates for local landline service in California are going up again.

These rate increases have nothing to do with the cost of service, but rather are the result of the CPUC’s failure to control phone prices.   According to the CPUC, consumers can vote with their feet and leave AT&T if prices go too high.

But the truth is that most consumers have few choices for local phone service, and have discovered that they will have to either pay AT&T’s extortion prices or cut the cord. TURN is fighting for a third choice: affordable phone service, which means prices are more related to the cost of service than the desire for profits.

AT&T is making billions of dollars in California, but the CPUC has failed to hold it accountable for providing affordable and reliable service in return. AT&T can provide affordable service, but history shows it won’t unless it is forced to.

Tell the CPUC: AT&T is holding me hostage and robbing me blind.

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