New Demands for PG&E to Release All CPUC E-Mails


Tuesday, Oct. 14, San Francisco—Late yesterday, TURN filed a motion at the CPUC to compel PG&E to turn over e-mails between PG&E and CPUC officials that would show whether PG&E engaged in other secret efforts to rig the Commission’s decision-making process in PG&E’s Gas Transmission and Storage Rate Case.  PG&E has refused TURN’s request for the e-mail through the normal discovery process.  Previously released records not only show that PG&E went judge shopping in the case, but also that its witnesses in the case were engaged in back channel communications with the CPUC. 


TURN cited the Commission’s previous treatment of a similar scandal, when Pacific Bell was caught violating ex parte rules at the very end of a long complex telecom case.  In that case, known as Implementation and Rate Design, the Commission was forced to rescind a 334 page decision that had taken several years to reach, and had to redo the entire case.  “The CPUC should immediately demand all relevant PG&E records to avoid a similar outcome in the GTS case,” said TURN’s legal director Tom Long.  “We need to know just how far PG&E went in trying to make secret deals with the CPUC.”