For more than 40 years we have challenged California’s powerful energy and telephone companies, saving consumers and small businesses millions, standing up for vulnerable Californians, and demanding reliable service and livable communities.


Our skilled legal team saves consumers millions and advances groundbreaking policies and programs at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and in Sacramento.


Our consumer advisor helps customers to understand their bills, protect their privacy, challenge unfair practices and learn how to save money and the environment.


TURN provides consumers with accurate and understandable information about critical energy and phone issues, and mobilizes people statewide to demand change.


TURN champions the cleanest energy and highest quality phone service at the lowest prices possible for residential customers, low-income households, and small businesses through legal advocacy at the California Public Utilities Commission, state and federal policy development, and community organizing throughout California.


TURN began at the kitchen table of pioneering consumer advocate Sylvia Siegel, a fierce advocate who was tired of seeing her electric bills go up year after year, and realized all Californians were getting ripped off by a Public Utilities Commission that rubber-stamped rate hikes. She taught herself the complex laws and rules of utility rates and quickly learned how to use them to the benefit of the public, rather than corporate profits.

In the past 40 years, TURN has identified and exposed corporate waste and lack of oversight, and driven common sense public policy to protect all Californians. TURN has grown into an organization known and trusted nationally for our expertise in energy and telecommunications issues, and our commitment to renewable energy that is affordable for everyone.


Member support allows TURN to advocate for affordable and dependable utility services, and to stand up for consumers across the state as an independent and unbiased voice. TURN’s effectiveness is largely due to the fact that we are not beholden to any corporate or government funding sources.

TURN is the only independent statewide utility consumer advocacy organization in California. By becoming a member, renewing your membership or making a sustaining donation, you can be sure that TURN has the resources we need to continue to fight for lower bills and a livable planet.

bbb TURN is accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a Wise Giving Alliance Charity.

PolicyVoice is a statewide project that works with community-based organizations, organizers, and leaders to build community power to keep energy, gas, and phonebills affordable in California.

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