TURN Board of Directors 2021

Carl Wood

Chairperson | Oceanside

Carl served over 20 years as chief contract negotiator and business agent for the Utility Workers Union of America. He served as a Commissioner on the California Public Utilities Commission during the Deregulation Crisis of the early 2000’s, and is an expert on worker safety and consumer protection.

Tram Nguyen

Secretary | Oakland

Tram leads community partnerships for Alameda County Public Health Department & co–chairs the Policy Committee for Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative. Tram brings the priorities of the public health community into TURN’s advocacy for utility service as a basic right.

Jeff Shields

Treasurer | Manteca

Jeff brings 23 years of experience managing electric utilities in California and Oregon most recently as General Manager at South San Joaquin Irrigation District. He was a long–time Board Member of the Northwest Public Power Council & Northwest Energy Coalition in Oregon before moving to California.

Stan Santos


Stan has served as a Splicing Technician for AT&T, as well as a member and steward for his local chapter of the Communications Workers of America, since 1999. He represents Central Valley residents struggling to pay their bills, and the importance of reliable phone service.

Kori Chen


Kori is Director of Strategic Initiatives for Red Bay Coffee, and brings the perspective of diverse, community–oriented small businesses as utility customers. He served on the TURN staff as Grassroots Organizer between 2010 and 2012, and has extensive experience as an organizer and entrepreneur.

Veronica Fields


Veronica is a young organizer who has mobilized hundreds of people to turn out for rallies and public hearings locally. Veronica brings the voice of residents in the High Desert, andexperience using social media to motivate young people to become politically involved.

Bill Nusbaum


Bill has 35 years experience working in the telecom industry for regulators, major carriers,and consumer advocates. He served as TURN Senior Telecom and Managing Attorneybetween 2003—2013, and brings institutional history and deep management experience.

Rosie Sanchez Ulloa

San Diego

Rosie serves as Community Organizing Program Manager for City Heights Community Development Corporation in San Diego. Rosie brings to TURN the voices and experiences of diverse immigrant communities near the border as they seek affordable utilities and affordable housing.

Beverly Tucker


Beverly spent the majority of her career as chief counsel for the California Teachers Association and staff attorney for the United Auto Workers. She also worked as a staff attorney for the CA Attorney General’s Office and CA Department for Fair Employment and Housing, and brings a commitment to workers.

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