40 Years And Still Going Strong!

Celebrating Our Success!

Dear Friends,

TURN celebrated 40 years of consumer advocacy in San Francisco this past November, and renewed our commitment to the top-notch customer representation that we have always been known for. It was fantastic that so many of you were able to join us at the historic Whitcomb Hotel, and mingle with legislative leaders, CPUC staff and Commissioners, grassroots activists an even utility company representatives.  You can see photos of the party here.

Our Master of Ceremonies, CPUC Commissioner Mike Florio, 33–year TURN staff veteran, amused us with memories of TURN’s early days and delivered a touching tribute to recently deceased energy activist Barbara George of Women’s Energy Matters.  It was wonderful that our founder Sylvia Siegels’s children Polly and Richard were alto there and shared an inspiring message about their mother’s legacy- a legacy you can be part of by remembering TURN in your estate plan.

Honor our founder by joining the Sylvia Siegel circle today!

When Sylvia started TURN 40 years ago, solar power (other than clotheslines!) was virtually nonexistent, there was only one type of phone, a traditional landline, and privacy meant simply choosing an unlisted number- for free!  Today, TURN is facing a drastically different landscape, one that requires us to be innovative and creative in finding new ways to protect customers from high-priced energy projects with a “green” label slapped on them, privacy invasions through smart phones and tracking devices, and runaway costs for phone service whether it comes from a landline or a cell phone. 

That’s why we’re fighting on so many fronts- and winning!  We just defeated a scheme by SDG&E to roll back consumer protections against shut offs through a “prepaid” program, and won expansion of the LifeLine low-income phone program that will include more Californians, and give them more choices and better services.

TURN has also filed a complaint on behalf of 35 ratepayers against AT&T for its skyrocketing, unreasonable landline rates, and joined a CPUC investigation into Comcast’s sale of unlisted numbers- despite having charged customers to keep their numbers private!  And we’re still fighting PG&E and Edison in their latest rate cases, as well as their efforts to stick customers with the costs of the debacles in San Bruno and San Onofre.  

All of our accomplishments, both past and present, would not be possible without your support.  Whether you’ve taken an action, sent a donation, joined us on Facebook, or included us in your estate planning, you are part of the TURN family, and our victories are yours as well.

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