$10 Billion for Undergrounding Requires PG&E to Slash Other Costs!

Feb 25, 2022 | Press Releases |

Press Release
  • $10 billion in undergrounding increases proposed GRC capital spending by 24%, from $31 billion to $38 billion*
  • PG&E reduced other capital spending by $3 billion due to undergrounding, resulting in a net increase of $7 billion in capital spending.
  • PG&E estimates the bill impacts of this record-breaking increase for the average residential non-CARE customer as $36/month, an increase of $432/year—before the $7 billion increase for undergrounding is taken into account.
  • PG&E estimates the bill impacts of this increase for the average residential CARE customer as $24/month, an increase of $288/year.

CPUC Must Live Up to Its Commitment to Affordable Bills & Reject Stunning PG&E Proposal

  • Mindboggling PG&E increases are a punch in the gut to millions of California residents hurting economically from the pandemic and struggling to get back on their feet.
  • The proposed GRC increases are on top of 20% PG&E bill increases already approved in 2022, and do not include PG&E’s $5.5 billion wildfire mitigation spending not yet approved.
  • The CPUC needs to protect affordable monthly bills by capping all rate increases at the rate of inflation, or the COLA increase received each year by people on Social Security.
  • TURN will release a statement discussing the details of the PG&E proposal to underground thousands of miles of existing wires after thorough review.

Contact: Mark Toney • Executive Director • TURN mtoney@turn.org • (510) 590 2862

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