You Should Have a Choice- Demand Smart Phone Privacy Today

California’s constitutional right of privacy should mean, at the very least, that customers should be informed before their personal information is sold, and a choice to protect their privacy.  Join TURN to demand that the CPUC require phone companies to obtain customers’ informed consent before their personal information is sold.

Demand One Stop Shopping for Privacy Protections Now

Standardized informed consent for data sales

Consent forms are extremely varied, and buried in terms and conditions. According to Advertising Age magazine (10/2015), “Unlike other types of location tracking….many services employing telco data require no explicit opt-ins by consumers. Companies like SAP instead rely on carriers’ terms and conditions with their subscribers, calling acceptance of the terms equivalent to opting in.

Clear, concise and explicit opt-ins

Consumers don’t want to have to visit 4 or 5 separate web pages to protect their privacy.  Turning off location tracking, and data and CPNI “sharing” should not be as hard as it is.  Phone companies can quickly and easily charge you for a variety of services and fees- why can’t privacy protections be that easy?