Worth Celebrating: TURN Saves Edison Customers $2 Billion

TURN defeats unfair rates hikes, wins 3 years of lower bills

TURN saves you money every day! Our recent victory in the Edison rate case is just one example; we defeated $2 billion in unjustified rate hikes, winning Edison customers lower bills for the next 3 years.

Edison sought almost $4 billion more from customers, much of it for unnecessary expenditures that customers can’t afford. TURN and other consumer representatives succeeded in convincing the CPUC to cut over Edison’s brazen demand in half, defeating capital expenses for dirty diesel on Catalina Island, $26 million in executive bonuses and stock options, and some of the $70 million Edison wanted to spend on electric vehicle infrastructure that will not be used by the majority of customers.

TURN had demanded an additional $1 billion in disallowances, but the CPUC didn’t go as far as we’d hoped. In many cases, the Commission acknowledged TURN’s concerns but failed to sufficiently rein in Edison. While agreeing that the billion-plus dollars spent on smart meters have thus far yielded few concrete benefits, the CPUC allowed spending on the smart meter program to continue unabated.

TURN’s legal team spent over a year fighting Edison’s latest, unreasonable demands, with the support of thousands of Edison customers through public testimony, letters, petitions and donations. While TURN wanted the CPUC to go much further, there’s no doubt that without our advocacy Edison’s rates would much higher. Lower bills are worth celebrating!

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