Smart Meter Opt-In Left Out

TURN doesn’t think smart meters are all that smart. There should have been a customer "opt-in" to the PG&E wireless smart meter program when it was originally proposed as a

Trashed Meters = Profits for PG&E

PG&E’s smart meters just keep getting worse and worse for its customers. For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network Not only will PG&E rates be higher for years to

Smart Meters: A Dumb Idea

TURN opposed Smart meters from the beginning. We’re still waiting to see whether customers will see any benefits commensurate with the costs. What are “smart meters” and how do they

Addressing the PG&E Smart Meter Crisis

Customer complaints about Smart Meters must be heard. TURN recommends the following steps to restore public confidence in smart meter technology. 500 Bakersfield and Fresno residents attended five-hour smart meters