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Hearings begin on $1.5B PG&E rate increase

Pacific Gas and Electric is requesting an increase of $1.5 billion over three years to fund improvements in natural gas transmission and storage. Utility officials said the increase would cost

TURN doesn’t like last-minute gas giveaways

5% rate hike OKd for Southern California Gas customers Almost 21 million residential customers of Southern California Gas Co. will see their monthly bills increase by about 5%, or $1.94,

Lax CPUC Lets PG&E Raise Rates Again

    Lax CPUC Approves Unwarranted Rate Hikes for PG&E Thursday, August 14, San Francisco—A CPUC that has been under fire for its cozy relations with PG&E today agreed to

Cal Water customers speak out against rate hikes

Cal Water customers speak out against rate hikes An administrative law judge heard nearly two hours of testimony Friday night from Lucerne residents angry, frustrated and – in one woman’s

TURN Appeals PG&E San Bruno Bailout

TURN is demanding that the CPUC reverse its Dec. 20th decision In an appeal to be filed today, TURN is demanding that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) reverse its

Puzzled About Time-of-Use Rates

CPUC imposes new rates on small businesses Dear Consumer Advisor, I recently heard from PG&E that my small business, a retail shop in Fresno, is going to be billed differently,