TURN Defeats PG&E Again!

Even a renegade utility company like PG&E can be reined in. TURN beats back PG&E’s proposal to add new monthly charges to every customers’ bill, keeping the tiered rates system

PG&E Leaves Customers in the Dark

PG&E Shuts off innocent consumers without any notice or explanation. SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5)—A Bay Area family was expecting a new power meter from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Instead,

Power To The Powerful

TURN fights PG&E’s attempt to add new fixed charges to every customers’ bill. On Thursday, May 26, the California Public Utilities Commission is set to vote on changes to the

SSJID’s Shields Joins TURN Board

TURN welcomes new board member Jeff Shields. South San Joaquin Irrigation District General Manager Jeff Shields has been selected to serve on the state’s foremost consumer advocacy board when it

TURN Wins New Gas Safety Consumer Protections

TURN has won important new consumer protections in the PG&E Gas Transmission and Storage settlement approved today by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). For Immediate Release From The Utility

Judge Orders PG&E To Pressure Test Gas Lines

TURN Wins Pipeline Testing With Ratepayer Cost Protections. The strength of every inch of natural gas transmission pipeline operating in California might one day be known to utility regulators, information

Smart Meter Opt-In Left Out

TURN doesn’t think smart meters are all that smart. There should have been a customer "opt-in" to the PG&E wireless smart meter program when it was originally proposed as a