Utility Missing Pipe-Safety Records

PG&E says it has no records of pressure tests for about 150 miles of pipeline similar in vintage and type to one that exploded last fall, killing eight people and

CPUC To Slap PG&E With Fines, Set New Rules

VIDEO: TURN says California is doing the right thing by opening pipeline safety rule-making procedures because there are some actions can be taken now, instead of waiting for the end

Herrera Joins Call For More CPUC Transparency

Charging that the San Bruno explosion investigation has been kept under wraps, on Wednesday consumer advocates and San Francisco’s city attorney demanded more transparency from the CPUC, claiming that the

PG&E Still Sails Smooth, And That’s The Rub

For PG&E, 2010 was a horrendous year. What consequences have PG&E and its executives faced for these blunders? None. The stock is doing just fine. When it comes to accountability,

Reactor Reaction

A CPUC judge is will decide whether PG&E should be allowed to charge customers to fund re-licensing for Diablo Canyon nuclear plant before geological studies are completed. In addition to