Edison Looks To Restart Nuclear Reactor

TURN says consumers should not be on the hook for Edison’s mistakes ROSEMEAD—Southern California Edison has submitted a plan to federal regulators to restart one of the shuttered reactors at

SoCal Edison Wants $4 Billion More of Your Money

Will higher electric bills help pay executive bonuses? The last time Southern California Edison asked for a rate increase, it overestimated its costs by half a billion dollars—and then funneled 

Troubles With San Onofre Nuclear Plant

San Onofre has been draining customers’ wallets for too long. The high radiation alarm that sounded Jan. 31 at the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station in northcoern San Diego County

Proposal to Cap CA Utility Execs’ Pay

Bill would take utility executives off the gravy train A potential bill under discussion in Sacramento would limit executive compensation at California utility companies – or at least change who

Edison’s Revolt Carries the Day

Energy efficiency slush fund voted down. On a day when Republican Sen. Sam Blakeslee complained about “a long string of union giveaways” in the California Legislature, it was refreshing to

Smart Grid Should Not Be Cash Cow

Investor-owned utilities’ smart grid deployment proposals for California need to reflect potential costs and benefits to ratepayers, two consumer advocacy groups told the state’s Public Utilities Commission Thursday. Investor-owned utilities’