Haley de Genova

Haley de Genova joined TURN in April, 2015, as a Legal/Administrative assistant. Her position encompasses a wide array of duties including preparing TURN’s legal filings, organizing member mailings, assisting TURN’s attorneys, and keeping the office running smoothly and efficiently.

Haley said she was drawn to TURN because she believes every consumer has a basic right to affordable energy and phone service: “TURN’s vision of a future where California reduces its emissions while keeping customers connected to essential services is one I share,” she said.

Before coming to TURN Haley worked as a Legal Assistant at an immigration law firm. She is also an experienced journalist, having been a staff writer and editor for the Sierra Independent Press. She has also volunteered as a tutor and mentor for young people, and was Vice President of the Student Association at Sierra College. Haley graduated with honors from UC Berkeley, and holds a BA in Ethnic Studies, with a Minor in Human Rights.