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AT&T Video Plans Rubber Stamped by CPUC

AT&T today was richly rewarded for the thousands of dollars it has poured into the Governor’s campaign coffers with virtually unfettered access to California’s lucrative cable market. For Immediate Release

Rejection of Schwarzenegger Appointee Urged

Consumer groups urged the California Senate Rules Committee not to confirm Rachelle Chong as a member of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), arguing that the Schwarzenegger appointee has ridden

Schwarzenegger’s CPUC: Bought and Paid for by AT&T

The traditionally independent agency has become increasingly partisan under Governor Schwarzenegger, ignoring its mandate to protect utility customers. For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network Schwarzenegger’s CPUC appointees have

Cell Phone Industry Growth Fuels Customer Complaints

One year after the CPUC suspended the Telecommunications Consumer Bill of Rights, consumers frustrated by inadequate service and inaccurate bills. For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network Exactly one

Consumer Coalition Blasts Kennedy Telco Proposal

A broad coalition of consumer groups today demanded rejection of a proposal that would drastically cut back on telephone consumer protections previously approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. For

Consumers protest plan to super-size SBC

Bigger Phone Company Will Mean Bigger Bills For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network San Francisco—Consumer advocates today joined other opponents of the proposed SBC/AT&T merger in urging the