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Are you trying to save money and energy?  Are you struggling to pay your electric,  gas  or phone bills?  Facing a gas or electric shutoff?  Getting calls from gas companies saying they can save you money?  Do you need to know your consumer rights?

If you answered yes to any of these questions our fact sheets can give you the information you need!

Have The Energy You Need to Protect Your Health?

Do you have a serious medical condition that makes it hard to pay your monthly energy and or gas bill? Download our fact sheet and learn more about Medical Baseline.
Medical Baseline Fact Sheet.English
Medical Baseline Fact Sheet_ Spanish

Are You Struggling to Pay Your Monthly Phone Bill?

Download our fact sheet and learn more about the California Lifeline Phone Program for low income customers:
Lifeline Phone Discounts_English
Lifeline Phone Discounts_Spanish

Need Help Paying Your Bills?

Download our fact sheet on programs you can turn to in California:
Drowning In Utility Bills?
 Drowning in Utility Bills_English
Drowning in Utility Bills_Spanish

Need Information About CARE, FERA Or ESAP?

Download our fact sheet and see if you qualify:
Struggling Utility Bills English
Struggling Utility Bills Spanish

Do You Think You Have Been Back-Billed?

Did you notice charges from previous months have been added to your bill?
Small Business Protections English
Small Business Protections Spanish


Can’t pay your electric or gas bill?
Do you need to know what your rights are? 

Learn what you can do to keep your electricity or gas on, stop a shut off, set up a payment plan and more by downloading our fact sheet.
Avoid Electric or Gas Shut Offs-English
Avoid Electric or Gas Shutoffs Spanish

Need To Save Money On Your Energy Costs?

Download our energy savings tips:
Free Energy Savings_English
Free Energy Savings_Spanish

Can Other Gas Companies Save You Money?

Download our fact sheets on Non Utility Gas Suppliers:
Non Utility Gas Suppliers English
Non Utility Gas Suppliers Spanish

Need To File A CPUC Complaint?

You have tried working with your utility and they won’t work with you? File a CPUC complaint:  Download our fact sheet:
CPUC Complaints_English
CPUC Complaints_Spanish