PG&E Wants a Blank Check for Wildfires

With their latest effort at corporate lawmaking, SB 1088 (Dodd), PG&E, Edison, SDG&E and SoCal Gas seek automatic rate hikes, with drastically limited regulatory review, for anything they label as “safety”. They would have carte blanche to raise your rates with only very limited review. TURN and other consumer representatives would be shut out under SB 1088, unable to hold utilities accountable for spending or stop rates for essential services from skyrocketing, threatening vulnerable communities and consumers.

With this blank check would come a deterioration of safety standards. Longstanding requirements for shareholders to cover the cost of utility mismanagement, which protected consumers after PG&E’s criminal negligence in San Bruno, would be eliminated.

If you can’t afford a blank check that would provide safety for shareholders, not communities, and if you want existing safety standards heightened, rather than abandoned, please join us in opposing the latest effort at corporate lawmaking by felon PG&E.

PG&E Backed SB 1088 does nothing to protect your safety, the only thing it protects are utility profits.

  • Customers would not longer be protected from costs of utility mistakes, mismanagement or imprudence.
  • Shareholder profits would be safe.
  • Groundbreaking safety requirements currently in progress would be gutted.

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