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PG&E, Already Living High on the Hog, Wants More of Your Money




Good and Bad News on PG&E rates

The bad news is that PG&E has proposed rate increases ultimately totaling $14 a month or $160 a year. The good news is that the CPUC has agreed with TURN that much of the proposed increase is driven by greed, not need.


PG&E promises a safer and more reliable system every time rates go up, but fails to deliver again and again.

• CPUC must hold PG&E accountable for previously promised repairs and improvements.
• PG&E wants a blank check for gas safety
• Don’t let PG&E use customers’ justifiable fears of its incompetence to justify rate hikes!

PG&E is already living high on the hog: millions spent on executive pay and perks and purchasing corporate influence

• PG&E’s CEO Tony Early received $12 million in pay last year.
• $2.3 million spent on lobbying, millions more on political donations.
• Every penny spent by PG&E comes out of customers’ pockets.

PG&E is already overspending on customers’ dime

• Inflated budgets for marketing and admin
• Unnecessary capital spending that boost profits but not safety

PG&E has skirted responsibility for the San Bruno explosion, passing on $1 B in neglected pipeline safety on to customers.

• Failed to acknowledge its responsibility for San Bruno explosion
• Still hasn’t been fined by CPUC
• Failed to follow basic safety and record keeping procedures

CPUC laxity lets PG&E put profits first

• Dumb smart meters have cost customers over $2 billion, and have increased profits for PG&E shareholders while doing little to benefit customers
• Deferred maintenance drives profits up and threatens safety and reliability.

PG&E is banking on bigger bills (from 2012 earnings call with Wall Street):

• PG&E “estimates average authorized rate base in 2014 will range from $28.5 billion to $29 billion, and grow to between $32 billion and $35 billion in 2016.”
• Tell the CPUC not to give in to PG&E, and to reduce rates even further!


Tell the CPUC- No More Rate Hikes for PG&E!

Date: April 30, 2013

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