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Troubles With San Onofre Nuclear Plant

San Onofre has been draining customers’ wallets for too long. The high radiation alarm that sounded Jan. 31 at the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station in northcoern San Diego County

PG&E Rate Plan Typically 15.6% More

Does PG&E think customers are a bottomless money pit? Pacific Gas and Electric Co. asked California regulators on Monday for permission to collect an extra $5.25 billion from its customers

PG&E: 239 Pipelines at Risk of Failure

The one thing we can trust PG&E to do—raise rates. SAN FRANCISCO — Pacific Gas & Electric Co. on Monday proposed raising utility customer’s bills by as much as $12

PG&E Seeks Rate Hike For Upgrades

PG&E wants to raise your rates $12 month for starters, with more increases every year. Elizabeth Cook reports. To pay for $2 billion in upgrades, PG&E is seeking higher rates

Power Company Thinks PUC Is Dim

SDG&E Plans Means More Shut-Offs, Fewer Consumer Protections Experienced consumers know that whenever a company says it’s changing its services to serve them better, it’s wise to count the silverware

PG&E Pledges Crackdown on Repeated Pressure Surges

PG&E still not in control of pipeline pressure Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has accidentally over-pressurized pipelines on its gas system more than 120 times since the San Bruno explosion

Opting Out of Smart Meters

The good news is that you can now opt out of smart meters. The bad news is that it will cost you. The interim customer opt-out changes approved by the

Proposed Legislation Targets Bonuses to Utility Executives

Should your electric bill include big bonuses for overpaid executives? As anti-SmartMeter protesters wailed outside PG&E’s annual shareholder meeting Monday in San Francisco, a Peninsula lawmaker announced legislation he hopes