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PG&E Looks to Appeal Oakley Power Plant Court Ruling

PG&E just can’t take NO for an answer Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has resubmitted its application with the state’s Public Utilities Commission seeking approval of a natural gas-fired power

KCBS In Depth: Gas Pipeline Safety

Hear TURN ED Mark Toney talk about the consumer approach to pipeline safety SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—The San Bruno pipeline explosion in 2010 brought the issue of safety to the forefront,

An End to Phones in Every Home?

AT&T lobbyists destroying universal service obligations across the US- will California be next? The guarantee of landline telephone service at almost any address, a legal right many Americans may not

Compromised Transfer Tubes Leave San Onofre Plant Idle

San Onofre steam generators: expensive and unsafe A year ago, Southern California Edison announced the installation of four new steam generators at the San Onofre nuclear power plant, hailing it

Appeals Court Overturns PG&E Gas Plant Approval

TURN wins appeal of unneeded and overpriced PG&E plant A state appeals court has sidetracked Pacific Gas & Electric Co.’s plans for a new natural gas power plant in Oakley.

PG&E Plan: Customers to Pay for Pipeline Fixes

PG&E wants YOU to pay A utility watchdog and state lawmaker have joined forces to urge the California Public Utilities Commission to reject a plan by Pacific Gas & Electric