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More Calls For New Leadership At The CPUC

Mothers of San Bruno PG&E blast victims urge Gov. Jerry Brown to fire state’s top utility regulator Mothers of victims killed in the PG&E pipe blast and local leaders called

SF Examiner Editorial: Remove Mitchell!

PG&E hearings can’t be hidden behind mediation Regulatory agencies established to watch over public utilities often become too close with the companies they oversee. The latest example of such cozy

Former Sen. Mitchell To Lead PG&E Pipeline Talks

Who is behind the back-room deal on San Bruno mediation? A former U.S. senator who helped negotiate a peace treaty in Northern Ireland has been appointed to help California energy

Edison Looks To Restart Nuclear Reactor

TURN says consumers should not be on the hook for Edison’s mistakes ROSEMEAD—Southern California Edison has submitted a plan to federal regulators to restart one of the shuttered reactors at

SoCal Edison Wants $4 Billion More of Your Money

Will higher electric bills help pay executive bonuses? The last time Southern California Edison asked for a rate increase, it overestimated its costs by half a billion dollars—and then funneled 

California Goes Deep Into Special Funds

Utility customer funds are not a piggy bank! California drivers pay fees for smog checks, vehicle registrations and new tires, all supposedly for programs that benefit roadway use. Consumers pay

CPUC Head Wants Delay of San Onofre Investigation

CPUC President Peevey goes easy on his former employer, So Cal Edison. Michael Peevey, head of the California Public Utilities Commission, recommended yesterday (Aug. 2) that the agency delay for