Opting Out of Smart Meters

The good news is that you can now opt out of smart meters. The bad news is that it will cost you.

The interim customer opt-out changes approved by the CPUC are very high; $75 upfront and $10 per month after that. Low -income CARE and FERA customers will be charged an upfront fee of $10 to opt out and a $5 per month fee.

The utility companies claim they need the high opt-out fees to cover the costs it will incur in providing customers with analog meters and reading those meters. TURN will demand proof that there is not a more affordable way to provide an opt-out when the CPUC takes up the issue.

If you were on the delay list you will be notified with a certified letter. If you do not contact your utility to opt-out, the utility will assume you are willing to accept a smart meter.

TURN has always opposed Smart Meters because of their high cost and speculative, unproven benefits. While demanding consumer choice, TURN is also advocating for strong consumer protections for customers who do have smart meters, including:

  1. Preventing “smart” shutoffs. Smart meters make it too easy for utilities to pull the plug, and bypass important consumer protections.
  2. Preventing the use of prepaid utility service that would that would allow customers’ power to be remotely shut off when their accounts run dry, putting customers at risk for frequent, dangerous shut-offs.
  3. Preventing mandatory heat wave pricing. A carrot, like peak-time rebates that reward conservation, is much better than a stick that makes vulnerable people afraid to cool off during heat waves.

Click here to demand an affordable opt-out
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