CPUC Head Wants Delay of San Onofre Investigation

CPUC President Peevey goes easy on his former employer, So Cal Edison.

Michael Peevey, head of the California Public Utilities Commission, recommended yesterday (Aug. 2) that the agency delay for several months an investigation into billowing costs tied to damage at the San Onofre nuclear power plant, according to the Associated Press. The issue is who is going to pay for the $165 million for repairs, inspection and the like related to the crippled reactor. The Division of Ratepayer Advocates, which attempts to represent utility consumers, said Wednesday that only the commission can investigate whether Southern California Edison, which owns most of the plant, acted responsibly.

Utility watchdogs such as The Utility Reform Network (TURN) are fearful that the utility-friendly commission will past the costs on to customers, rather than to shareholders of the utilities. (San Diego Gas & Electric is trying to get customers to pay for uninsured costs of the 2007 fires that the utility was deemed responsible for.)

Peevey is a former president of Southern California Edison, which owns the plant with San Diego Gas & Electric.