A New Location and A New Look for TURN

Executive director Mark Toney writes about changes and successes at TURN in 2009.

Dear Friends,


There are some exciting changes happening here at TURN that I want to share with you.

The first is that our office has moved. TURN has grown in the past year and a half, and due to space constraints at our Van Ness location had been operating out of two separate offices for some time. The entire staff is happy to now be reunited at our new location on Sansome Street in downtown San Francisco, with adequate space for meetings, trainings and other TURN outreach activities.

At the same time, we’ve updating our look with a new logo, tagline and website to better reflect how TURN is responding to the changes and trends that impact consumers. While utility greed and mismanagement continue to drive rate hikes, increasing concern about climate change is also causing upward pressure on rates. TURN has stepped up to the challenge, advocating for policies that get you the most green for the least green by demanding affordable renewable energy, cost effective conservation programs and opposing wasteful utility programs wrapped in an attractive green veneer.

As you know, TURN has already won major victories in greening California’s energy future, including cost controls for renewable energy, more effective conservation programs, and the establishment of tiered rates that reward you for conserving. Our new green color and updated tagline, lower bills and livable planet, reflect the twin goals of protecting the environment and your wallet, goals that TURN is proving can go hand in hand.

The plug image in our new logo signals how much more interconnected phone, electricity and gas policies have become since TURN was founded 35 years ago. Changes in natural gas prices are driving electric rate hikes and impacting future plans for new generating plants. For most of us, a loss of electricity means we can’t charge our cell phone or use our cordless ones if we still have a landline, which TURN maintains is the best approach. New technologies will further link electric and phone service, with wireless networks reading your meter and delivering information about your electric usage to your home. TURN will fight to maintain fair rates and reliable service as these new technologies are deployed.

We deeply appreciate all of your support, and would like to send special thanks to our members who participated in an online survey of proposed TURN taglines. Your comments and suggestions were informative, helpful and very clever! In these trying economic times, with millions of Californians facing unemployment, foreclosure and rising prices for essential commodities, your participation as a member, supporter and activist is more important than ever before.

We celebrated our successes and honored California’s most prominent consumer champions at our 35th Anniversary Victory Awards Party on Thursday, November 19 here in San Francisco. We hope you were able to join us, but if not, we have photos up.


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