Don’t Sweat Your PG&E Bill- Speak Out Now!


PG&E wants to reduce baseline allowances for its residential customers. The baseline allowance is the amount of electricity you can receive at the lowest rate, and it varies by climate zone. Electricity use below the baseline amount is billed at a lower rate than electric use over the baseline. Reducing the baseline could mean higher bills for the same amount of electricity you are using now.

Can you afford to pay more for less? Add your name to the thousands of consumers who have joined us to say NO to higher PG&E bills. Feel free to share your own story on how this proposal will impact your monthly budget! 

  • Will a lower baseline increase your bill?
  • Are you already conserving as much as you can?
  • Have you fallen behind on your energy bills?
  • Have you been threatened with a shut off?

ACT NOW!  Tell the CPUC to say NO to higher PG&E bills here