Don’t Let PG&E Milk Diablo Again

Make PG&E (Not Customers) Pay for Diablo: Get Rid of PG&E’s Cash Cow!

PG&E has been milking Diablo Canyon ever since it first proposed to build the plant. PG&E promised electricity “too cheap to meter”; instead, customers got stuck with cost overruns in the billions. But now there’s good news.

Urgent safety concerns about the location of the plant on an earthquake fault, and PG&E’s poor record, fueled the consumer activism have led to PG&E finally agreeing to close the plant. However, behind the scenes PG&E is still milking Diablo, trying to convince the CPUC to let it charge customers an extra $52 million for its now-abandoned attempt to relicense the despised nuclear plant.

Tell THE CPUC: Don’t Let PG&E Milk Diablo Again

TURN is demanding that the CPUC deny P&GE ratepayer funding for this unauthorized and wasteful expenditure, which was management’s mistake, not customers’.


PG&E jumped the gun on relicensing before any finding by the CPUC that it was a reasonable use of customers’ money. PG&E never received approval to pass on the costs, or even to create a memorandum count to track its expenditures on license renewal. In fact, PG&E previously indicated that it would seek to recover these costs only if it decided to seek to relicense Diablo Canyon. Yet now PG&E argues that customers should pay $52 million more.

Please join TURN in urging the CPUC to reject this unfair scheme.

PG&E was not authorized to use customers’ money for the relicensing effort in the first place. Since PG&E proceeded with relicensing on its own initiative, and later changed its mind and abandoned the effort, the Commission should make sure the $52 million PG&E wasted comes out of its own profits, not customers’ pockets.

PG&E has already milked Diablo for billions of dollars, customers should not pay a penny more!