Tell the California Legislature to Demand Net Neutrality!

Donald Trump’s FCC appointees have gutted the regulations that require nondiscriminatory internet access. But California can still demand that companies doing business here- and raking in huge profits- comply with basic consumer protections.

ACT NOW to protect internet freedom in CA!

Without oversight, internet providers would be able to create expensive fast lanes for their preferred content while relegating less profitable content- and consumers- to slow lanes.

Internet Service Providers should not be permitted to act as “gatekeepers” choosing which content and which users get special, speedier access. We need a free and open internet – that’s why TURN is supporting State Senate leader Kevin de León’s SB 460. Our state lawmakers need to make sure California consumers don’t get stuck in the slow lane

Requiring  net neutrality means that the people, businesses, government agencies, tech innovators and content providers – such as the California-based writers, producers and directors who produce content enjoyed through the Internet around the world- won’t being subject to discriminatory treatment.  Most of us use the Internet every day for everything from contacting our doctor to making appointments at DMV.  For education, employment and many other basic needs, the Internet is essential- we must make sure everyone has access.

ACT NOW to protect internet freedom in CA!