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The consumer advisor provides information, answers questions from TURN members about their phone, gas and electric bills and helps with CPUC complaints. Please note that TURN represents consumers of regulated utilities and cannot help with complaints about municipal or public utilities. The information below is a series of fact sheets about common consumer complaints.

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  You Don’t Need to Suffer to Save!   Dear Consumer Advisor, I know we’re in a drought, and that…

Can I Sell My Solar?
January 29, 2014
Everything you ever wanted to know about net metering Dear Consumer Advisor, I’m considering solar panels.  I don’t use a…

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Don't Get Gassed: TURN is not convinced that gas deregulation can save customers money.

Unfortunately, you cannot complain to the CPUC if you are facing a shut off or are trying to make payment…

Southern California Edison's Summer A/C Cycling Programs

CPUC imposes new rates on small businesses

Take a peek inside how baseline works

Find out how to talk to a real person when you have a question for your utility

Wouldn't it be nice to shave 10-15% off the top?

Is there a rule or a law that requires electric utilities and local phone companies to show up for repairs…

Bundled service isn't right for everyone. Is it right for you?

Save energy and money by staking out vampires

Are those data charges taking a big chunk out of your wallet each month?

TURN's consumer advisor helps a TURN member avoid early cancellation fees from her wireless provider

Interested in Pre-Paid cell phones? Get all the information before you buy

Get all the information before you make a decision

Is Big Brother in your new Smart Meter?

Full list of energy-efficiency programs and rebates

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Has PG&E taken advantage of you?

Understanding How to Keep Gas Bills Low

How to avoid a power shut-off this winter. The most common reason utility service is shut off is nonpayment. However,…