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Done With Verizon’s Early Termination Fees

TURN’s advice helped a member get out of a Verizon contract for a cell phone that didn’t work where she lived “Done” purchased a two-year “family plan” for herself and

PG&E’s Backwards Backbilling

Instead of immediately informing a customer she’d received inaccurate bills, PG&E threatened to shut off her power for non-payment of bills they hadn’t sent. With TURN’s help, PG&E backed down

California LifeLine Telephone Service

Struggling to Pay Your Monthly Phone Bill? You Need a LifeLine Discount! What Is LifeLine? California LifeLine helps low-income households by providing discounts for home or cell phone service. Households

7 Ways to Spring Clean & Save Cash

Springtime Cleaning Can Save Energy and Money! Make your spring cleaning more rewarding with these energy saving cleaning tips. They’ll not only reduce your energy usage, they’ll also lower your
smart summer energy use

Summer Tips to Keep Cool For Less

Tips on How to Save Energy and Money   Use Less A/C or None at All: Shades help keep heat out of the house: keep them closed during the day

Small Refund is Hugely Satisfying

A personal victory against her phone company proved to one customer that speaking out can have big rewards. Sometimes even a small victory can yield big satisfaction for a consumer.