We May Be Knocking On Your Door


Our founder Sylvia Siegel

TURN, The Utility Reform Network is your local, home-grown nonprofit.  Our legendary founder Sylvia Siegel literally knocked on doors in her Marin neighborhood to start our consumer advocacy organization 42 years ago, with the assistance of paid canvassers and volunteers.




Since then, TURN has used paid canvassers from time to time to help us get the word out about how we fight corporate power, fight for the planet and save you money. In doing so, we work with leading  professional agencies that only hire responsible and trustworthy individuals who believe in nonprofit causes like ours.  We hope you’ll take a minute to chat with them, and we think you’ll be impressed with their dedication.


You may see TURN representatives in your community; if you do, we want you to know who they are and why they are knocking on doors, and that you can trust them with your donations.

IDENTIFIABLETURN representatives wear a name tag and are dressed in apparel with our logo. Check out the photo on the right.

SECURE: Our fundraisers use tablets to collect information electronically and we put your privacy and security first.  No one else will get access to it.  We advocate for your privacy, we won’t violate it!



Place holder


Check back on Wednesday, September 6, to meet our canvassers!









What We Do!

Protect planet and pocketbook twice a year, climate credits won by TURN appear on your bill.

Stop rip-offs-TURN wins refunds when big utility corporations don’t deliver all the services consumers pay for.

Empower consumersTURN members receive valuable consumer information to help them fight for their rights.

Save you moneyTURN’s has already saved Californians more than $10 billion in unfair rate hikes.

Demand corporate accountability make big utility corporations pay for their own mistakes.

Amplify your voice- bringing your concerns and perspectives to lawmakers and regulators.

Put safety firstmake phone companies provide fast reliable 911 in every emergency, everywhere.

Why Join TURN?

SAVINGS!   Every penny you give TURN comes back to you in millions of dollars in defeated rate hikes.

ACCOUNTABILITY!  Every TURN member amplifies our impact against corporate greed and our demands for clean, green affordable services.

LOWER BILLS & A LOUDER VOICE!   Shrink your bills, assert your rights and protect your community. We keep you updated and give you easy ways to get involved!

How can I support TURN’s important work? 

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