Speak Out Now to Stop Edison Rate Hikes

SoCal Edison Wants $2.3 Billion More From Customers–

Can you afford higher bills to pay for executive excesses at SoCal Edison?

  • Can you afford to pay an increase of $17 a month, or $200 a year on your electric bill by 2020?
  • How do you feel about $42 million in Edison executive bonuses while your community struggles to get by?
  • What do you think about $150 million to build new Edison office buildings and unidentified projects?

Edison $2.3 Billion Rate Increase Proposal Means Higher Bills, Even if You Are a Community Choice Customer!

  •  CCA customers are subject to 90% of Edison GRC–due to distribution costs.
  • CCA customers: $15 monthly bill increase, $180 yearly bill increase by 2020.

Every Dollar Wasted is a Dollar Not Spent on Renewable Energy

  • $48.6 million of your money is being requested by Edison to build a brand new office building.
  • Pie in the sky-spending list for “Future Anticipated Projects” for utility and facilities includes $100 million for projects they haven’t even identified yet.

Speak Out Now!  We don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for safe and reliable service.  Send a letter to the CPUC demanding a STOP to Edison’s rate hikes