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San Onofre is Down, Rates Should Be Too!

TURN is demanding immediate refunds and long-term protection for Edison customers.  Edison wants to bill customers for over $4 billion in costs arising from its colossal mistakes at now-shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant.  Despite its colossal mistakes that led to the plant's closure, Edison wants customers to pick up the tab for bungled steam tubes, replacement power, and profits on the dead plant far into the future. 

Rising costs for SONGS replacement power come on top of the roughly $665 million Edison was authorized to bill ratepayers for replacing the old steam generators in 2010 and 2011. The CPUC should be reducing rates as a result of SONGS being out of service, not increasing rates to pay for replacement power and compensating SCE and SDG&E for a malfunctioning unit. Making these costs 'subject to refund", as the CPUC recently did, is just not enough.SONGS has been down for more than a year- it is time for rates to come down as well.

TURN and other consumer groups have urged the CPUC to act immediately to clarify the cost responsibility for San Onofre’s breakdown.

"The Commission must evaluate the all costs related to San Onfore, in order to ensure that it is fulfilling its legal obligation to remove these costs from rates,” said TURN staff attorney Matt Freedman. Ratepayers should not pay a single penny for costs incurred by Edison to own an expensive, inoperable nuclear plant."

PUBLIC HEARING IN SAN DIEGO OCT. 1: Join TURN in demanding REFUNDS for SDG&E and Edison customers.  San Onofre is down, rates should be too! 

Tell the CPUC: Offline Nuke Should Come Off Rates!

Date: October 29, 2012

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