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PolicyVoice is a project of The Utility Reform Network (TURN) It is a statewide project that works with community-based organizations, organizers, and leaders to build community power to keep energy, gas, and phone bills affordable in California.

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PolicyVoice builds the power of communities to make policy, enforce regulations, and control institutions through training, research and action. We do this through community education and organizing in the following five ways:

Know Your Rights
– Understand discount programs for low-income households.
– Understand rules that protect consumers from fraud and abuse.

Enforce Your Rights
– Complain to the companies, and ask for refunds or respect.
– File complaints with agencies with the power to take action.

Document Public Interest
– Gather and analyze data about your community through surveys.
– Develop and deliver community policy reports to policy makers.

Policy Advocacy in the Public Interest
– Attend and speak up at public hearings and town halls.
– Organize letter writing and online activism campaigns.

Appoint/Elect Policy Makers
– Support appointment of policy makers who defend the public interest.
– Pressure elected officials and candidates to defend the public interest.

PolicyVoice Staff

By building community power, we can win policies in the public interest and defeat policies in the corporate interest! If you represent an organization or group and would like to be a part of the PolicyVoice project and advocate for affordable utilities please contact TURN for further information.

PolicyVoice is funded by:

The California Consumer Protection Foundation The California Endowment

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